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You will be surprised to see a comprehensive array of various attractive destinations, and it is the main gateway to Mecca. From the world's best heritage to iconic skyscrapers, it is therefore the main hub of art galleries as well as museums, traditional markets, and many more. In Jeddah, you will see different kinds of stunning and marvelous mosques and picturesque waterfalls with views opulent to the malls. There are wonderful and luxurious shopping malls. Jeddah is not all about mosques; it’s all about pristine beaches.

Popular Attractions of Jeddah

Al Rahma Mosque

Al Rahma Mosque is a floating mosque; it is a landmark that is one of the best places to see in Jeddah. It attracts thousands of pilgrims across the globe. This mosque is defined as the most beautiful structure and comes among the top 10 lists of attractive mosques in Saudi Arabia.

Arthur Gallery

To discover the contemporary art of Jeddah, visit the Art Gallery. It was opened in 2009. This gallery is the hub of the latest creativity and experimentation in the field of art. It was discovered by Hamza Serafi and Mohammad Hafiz. It is the main hub of Jeddah's local art. We advise you to visit Arthr Gallery and explore the artistic culture.

Al-Shallal Theme Park

The al-Shallal theme park is among the breathtaking places to explore in Jeddah. Spans in the acres are 60,000 meters. It is the ideal holiday spot for the locals and also for tourists. The theme park is located in the middle of the city. You can experience here numerous adventurous activities, such as a roller coaster ride.

Al-Saif Beach

Al-Saif Beach is counted among the famous beaches in Jeddah. It is the perfect family spot where you can enjoy trips and adventures. Admire the sunrise to witness the surreal beauty of dawn and the charismatic waves.

Souq Shatee

Jeddah is known for its famous appetite and best traditional souqs or marketplaces. Souq Shatee is among the impressively delectable shopping destinations and Jeddah’s famous places that you can never miss. You can shop here for amazing household items and grocery products like home décor jewelry.

Red Sea Mall

Shopping is a favorite thing that everyone wants to love. Red Sea Mall is surely the best mall in Jeddah to shop at. This Red Sea Mall is listed among the top malls in Jeddah. In Red Sea Mall, you will be able to buy global brands, fancy restaurants, and other facilities you need to spend a leisurely day.

King Fahd’s Fountains

King Fahd’s mountains It is the most illustrious attraction you can visit in Jeddah on your holidays. This is the tallest fountain in the world, with a height of about 312 meters, or 1,024 feet. It was built in the same style as the Geneva Jet D-Eau Fountain. To see more sightseeing views of the fountain, visit at night in the evening. The fountain is illuminated with a high intensity of music.

Khalil Museums

This Khalil Museum is one of the oldest collections of the more exciting ancient collection of Islamic heritage and Arabian culture, the collection dates back 2000 years.

Bab Makah

Bab Makah is the best shopping spot in Jeddah. Today all markets get a makeover by developing shopping malls and market gateways. Bab Makah has been the hub for authentic shopping. We suggest you taste local foods. The old city has a lot to discover about the ancient, glorious past of Jeddah.

South Obhur Beach

If you are planning to visit Jeddah and explore its attractions, then you must check out Khaleej South Obhur Beach. It is the most surreal beach among Jeddah's beaches, therefore it is a popular public beach. Despite being one of the best places to hang out for both locals and tourists. Enjoy here and have a calm, refreshing nature’s day out.

Mall of Arabia

The Mall of Arabia is one of the biggest malls in the region. There are a wide variety of indoor games for the kids. This mall has all the facilities for all age groups to enjoy. Mall of Arabia is known for carrying the best-known brand products.

Relax on the Silver Sand Beach.

A glimpse of the turquoise water waits at Silver Sands Beach; this is a private beach alongside the Red Sea. To enter the beach, you have to pay some amount as the entry charge. You can also enjoy a meal or dinner in the famous cafes or restaurants.

Fakieh Aquariums

Fakieh Aquarium is the home of some prominent marine species in the middle of the Red Sea. Explore this museum in-depth and admire the beauty of the underwater animals and creatures. It is the best chance to see those animals and creatures closely. Jeddah is the perfect city to appreciate the diversity of the flora and fauna.

Jeddah Lighthouse

Jeddah lighthouse has a height up to 133 m (431 ft.), serving as the observation tower and port control tower. This Jeddah lighthouse is very attractive to see because it looks so different from those a few miles away because of its cylindrical structure.

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